So, whose shoes do you want to wear, just for one day?

Lets just see if I can even tempt out just one or two of my readers to actually comment on this. Probably not, but if you’ve ever wanted to comment, or just have a little audience participation on my blog, then this is it. And I know I there are a good number out there, I look at the stat’s a couple of times a day! šŸ˜›

So yes, the burning question, if you could wear someone else’s shoes, for just one day, who would it be? Yes, strictly that does mean wearing their body too, but that doesnt fit in with the song! Besides which, Jean’s feet were quite a bit smaller than mine, so it wouldnt work otherwise lol!

Yes, I cant deny, it would be interesting, just for one day at least, for me to actually be Jean Harlow, though being fussy, I would prefer it if it was the first half of the 1930’s somewhere, but any time, from when she matured, until she fell mortally ill, would probably be a very interesting one.

I know, I know, who controls the body, you, or the original person? Your call, you can either be part of the scene, or just along for the ride. Me, I’d love either, though yes, actually having her body, doing as I wanted it to, for a day, would be fun. Though in that case, preferably not a day of filming! I might have acted at school, but not since then.

So, readers, just for one day, whose shoes do you want to step into? Feel free in era, someone modern is fine, though as with me, any generation is fine. As the song says, wouldn’t it be good? Feel free to sat why, if you want to, equally, if you just want to leave a name, as a comment, equally fine. But please, let me discover one or two of you, if only briefly, just say something!

The video, well, I think I’ve given enough clues. This is a live version from 2008, and definitely is live. Enjoy, and comment


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