A quick look at the week that was

Yes, I know, been a while. Blame work, and a works dinner, and a total lack of time on my behalf. Not that much has really happened, but anyway…

The works dinner passed with little fuss last Thursday. Meal was nice, so was my hotel for the night, allowing for the fact that the room didnt have a phone in it, not even an internal one! I had to go back to reception, to book a taxi to take me there, and…I know, I’m awkward, no mobile phone and all that, but the first time I’ve ever seen that. But that was the worst complaint I had, so…

Sunday, it dawned on me, that in 4 weeks time, I would be setting off the next day, to get my permanent make up done, and look even more Harlowesque than I do now! No, I am not getting those 30’s eyebrows though! Really looking forward to that, I must admit. Going to still have to learn the skills of doing foundation each day, mind, should be fun!

And lastly, a fun thing. When we finish work at 10.00, we get a taxi provided to take us home. Pure pot luck as to what driver you get. Most times, its a youngish guy, of sub continent origin, playing awful modern music. Last night, I got one of my favourite lady drivers, which meant Radio Leeds, playing 70’s and 80’s stuff! Hopefully I get again this week (3 more late’s), but I should be so lucky!

First record was a Nik kershaw hit from the 80’s, called ‘Wouldnt It Be Good’, one of the lines mentioning about being in ‘your’ shoes, even if it was just for one day. I cant deny, it would be fascinating to spend a day in Jean Harlow’s shoes, thats for sure. Hopefully a day of relaxation (or romance), and not a day being filmed though!

But the album of the night, was one I owned on vinyl (for those of you old enough to remember that), on which, back in the mid 70’s, I would do my best Karen Carpenter impressions, in my room, listening to the LP. Singles, 69-73, if you hadnt guessed! This was one of the tracks played while I was in the cab, one of those rare occasions when I was in no rush to get home!


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