A girl has to express herself

Well, even if the subject matter bores you here, the video is definitely downright kink laden! So stay aboard…

In terms of my work life, in all honesty, I’m pretty settled at present. Partly because once you get past 50 (and definitely past 55), your chances of finding a new job tend to diminish quite rapidly. Doesnt mean that I still wouldnt love the chance to work (short term, or otherwise) in the US, but the chances of it happening now, are pretty slim. I know, its easy in hindsight, but if I’d taken that chance 11 years ago…

Mind, I would have missed out on knowing some lovely people so, swings and roundabouts, I guess?

But, promotion within your current firm, still not a good bet, but more possible I guess? Well, I’m putting it to the test, have applied for a different job at work, something new, a different challenge. Yes, I probably need it, the current role is beginning to drive me nuts, so… Hopefully it happens, but given my age, and a male oriented office, we will see?

If you want to wish me luck though, feel free to do so.

In terms of love life, I dont think anyone is crazy enough to take me on, but lets wait and see what Kansas City holds in store next week. That would be irony, wouldnt it, me finding love in Harlow’s birthplace! No, I dont expect it, but in theory, there’s a man, or a woman for me somewhere, so who knows? I would have thought L.A was a better bet, and still quite apt for Harlow, we shall see.

No seriously, no great expectations of either, but nothing would bring Kate, or James greater pleasure.

OH, and PS, this is the last blog prior to the break, in all likelihood, by Thursday my hair will be done, and I’ll look even more like Jean, with luck.

So, to the video. Madonna, and kinky. I know, go together, dont they? šŸ˜‰ The thing with this one is that her eyebrows are much thinner, almost Harlowesque. Mind, from all I’ve read, Jean didnt go in for a boring sex life either!

Oh, and just to mention. Earlier today, the 2 blogs combined hit 25,000 viewings, not bad, eh?


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