Something about the way I look…in November

Fine, I admit it, there is one element of the whole Harlow look that doesn’t appeal to me, those eyebrows. I know they might have been the ‘thing’ in the 30’s, but seriously, I think they look scary! For example

jean harlow preen

But equally, if I truly want to be a Harlow lookalike, and a 30’s girl, well, you have to give them a try, I guess? So…I’m going to need a make up session in November, for someone’s birthday, just before I go across to the US. Well alright, his birthday is actually while I’m away, but we are doing the group dinner before I go. So, thats the day I will get my hair done, my body prepared, and yes, made up for the evening out.

When I went to Manchester, Abbi was quite keen on the idea of giving me those 30’s eyebrows for the evening, given how I was dressing, and what I was going to, but I declined. She wasnt going to strip me of my natural eyebrows, just totally conceal them, using concealer for the night. But even so…However, since then, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I really ought to give them a try, once, as I can get my natural ones back later that night, if I so desire.

I might like them, but seriously, I cant see it! If I do, I know someone who does those permanent make up things, and I could get her to do them, I guess? But lets see, err, no? But hey, for one night, might as well do the whole Jean thing! Yes, even the eyebrows. So, I will definitely have to dress in a 30’s style dress, and heels that night, for sure!

But one night only, I’m sure, unless Jean’s ghost mind controls me to keep that look lol!

The video, well it might sum me up that night, who knows?

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