Jersey day 1- Clearly I’m more attractive than I thought!

Though to be honest, the flattery started today even before I left the hotel in Manchester! Maybe I really am the new platinum blonde sensation lol!

Normally, when flying to the US, I dont worry about breakfast in the hotel (when I have to stay in one), so I can grab a bit extra sleep, and then get a coffee, and ‘something’ once through security and things. But given today’s flight was to Jersey, leaving at 1.15, I decided to avail myself of the buffet breakfast. They are overpriced, I never eat a lot at breakfast normally, but I couldnt starve, so…I gave it a go.

Its fair to say that one thing I do top up on at breakfast, is coffee. Guilty as charged, yes, I’m a coffee addict! I remember the days when you would get a freshly brewed pot, delivered to the table, but those days are gone in the big hotels. You go to the coffee machine, press buttons, and out comes coffee, in varying degrees of quality. Today’s wasnt bad, to be honest. But…just as I was reaching the machine (only 1 of the 2 was working!), a man got there before me. Fine, I’m in no rush, but I get told

“After you, darling.” and waved through. Me, I must have been nearly twice his age, and despite the Harlow lookalike comments, I’m hardly a stunner, but coffee is coffee, so…No, I didnt wait for an invite to his room! :p

And fine, lets not bring into consideration the 2 men who let me on the shuttle bus first, they were just being polite, and besides, their other halves were there too!

But when it comes to getting on the plane, and I get another, “After you, darling.” I’m beginning to wonder if Harlow has taken over my body, made me younger, and more beautiful. Checked in a mirror, no such luck!

Finally, tonight, I chose a nice little bistro near to the hotel for my evening meal. I sat outside at 7.00 at night! Seriously, Jersey in mid May, and you want to sit outside! It was gorgeous, and combined with the view over the bay (marred only by a pier of some kind), made for a lovely meal.

But both the man serving me, and the woman serving me (I clearly activated the Gaydar radar without knowing it) called me darling every time they came to serve me, or see to me!

OK, fine, sue me, I loved it! It makes a middle aged woman of 56 feel really good!

When I did get back to the guest house, there was a guy sat outside looking at me in a funny sort of way. Not sure if that was love, or the opposite though!

As long as the holiday doesnt go downhill from here…

The video, I’m having a Yazoo moment with both my blogs tonight, though different songs. No man actually sung these words to me, but anyway…

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