I never thought I’d wait 35 years for the chance!

Back in the late 1970’s, a female artist took the music scene by storm. Her name, Kate Bush, the single, Wuthering Heights. Number 1 in this country for 4 weeks, I have no idea whether it was a hit in the US or not, but should have been. For those who havent seen it, the original video is

Much to many fans delight, she announced a tour in 1979, which in all, lasted about 6 weeks. For some reason or another, I didnt go, probably sold out before I could get a ticket in all honesty. But, I thought, there will always be another tour, and then I’ll go. But there wasnt! I suspect the tour was so exhausting physically, and mentally that Kate bailed out from touring, as she put it at the time, for a while.

But then, as the years moved on, it didnt happen, and eventually she totally disappeared from the scene musically. Her private life had been pretty private all along, even when the music was still being released, but…

Then finally, around 2005, a new album was announced, and released. No tour, no follow up, not a word! 2011, another new album, remarkably one with just 7 tracks, but lasting over an hour was released, but again, that was it.

Until today! This morning, the news broke that Kate had announced a tour for later this year. Great, you might think? Well, yes and no. Yes, she’s doing 15 concerts, but all in one venue, nearly 200 miles from me, in London! So no, I doubt, even now, I will get to see her live, especially as the bulk of it is in September, a month when I will be going to the US.

At least there is one consolation now, that wouldnt have happened in 1979, that part of the concert (or more) will probably end up on You Tube…with luck! Kate, its great to have you back live, but a nationwide tour would have been so much better!

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