The new story is up!

Yes, today marks the first new ebook from me for a while, though it was written late last year. But given that December is the busiest month of the year for my editor (no, he isnt Santa Claus lol), its taken a while to get this far, and then I have to have a gap at work when I can get to post it up! But today, everything came together, and now, at Smashwords, and Amazon at least, the new book is up


Despite the look in the picture, she’s a super heroine, though yes, it is set in the 1920’s. And yes, Belinda is a sassy, young flapper, while also using her chemistry skills to battle against villains, in and around River City. You want links, please say you want links!

Amazon is or or whatever is Amazon’s tag in your zone, the last segment of the link will take you to the book. Smashwords is . It has also gone to Barnes and Noble, but not published there as yet.

And for those who noticed, all the other books are either back up at Amazon, or will be shortly. There seems to have been a falling out between them, and Draft2Digital, and all the stories posted through them got pulled. But I’ve sent them direct today, and hopefully some might even think they are new, and buy some!

Right, the video tonight, something different. As buyers will discover, Belinda’s home town in the story is Coffeyville, Kansas. Yes, not too distant from another certain famous Kansas born flapper lol! So lets show you Belinda’s home town

I suspect Cherryvale has a similar level of liveliness, hopefully I’ll find out later this year!

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