Should have gone to Specsavers?

Firstly, for the sake of my many North American readers, let me explain away the title. Over here in the UK, we have a long running series of adverts, by a company of that name, who sell glasses, and eye tests, for those short sighted biddies like myself, who need to wear glasses, in my case now, for about 45 years! Yes, I have been short sighted that long! Basically they spoof situations, where if someone could have seen properly, they wouldnt have tried to resuscitate a fur hat, shear the dog, instead of the sheep, and various other things.

Thankfully, I do go to one of their rivals, so have never done anything as silly as that…yet! But, there is always time, lol 😛

Anyway, this goes back to when I first posted up the photo shoot pictures in various places, including here, somewhere about the turn of the year, shouldnt be hard to find them, I guess? When I did that, someone suggested I looked like Jean Harlow in the pictures, and to say I was flattered, would be putting it mildly, as she was the original (pre Monroe) gorgeous, platinum blonde. And yes, I did suggest they needed to get their sight tested lol!

So, given my curiosity in such matters, I took a closer look at Ms Harlow’s life, and the biggest shock I got was that she died at the age of 26. No, no drugs, or anything else back then, kidney failure in fact. Something which is dealt with far better nowadays, but back in the 1930’s, was a pretty fatal issue, and so it proved for her. All sorts of stories run, her family being Christian Scientist suggest she avoided operations, doctors and the like, and maybe she did, but back then, even if she hadn’t, she may well not have survived.

Reading about her, it hardly sounds like her romantic life was a success, 3 marriages, and divorces, in that very short life. So, in terms of romantic attachments, I guess we have that success rate in common, though as far as I know, she never dabbled with other women! Oh, and she was almost born in Kansas, born in Kansas City, Missouri, but you cant get much closer, without being born in the state lol!

But, I dont know if its the placebo effect, of hearing that suggestion, or just craziness on my part, but the more I look at those pictures of me, and certain shots of her, I start to see a vague resemblance, given I was 30 years older than her, when they were taken, frightening, or what? No, I still suspect said persons need to get their eyesight examined, but a month on from the suggestion, I’m beginning to see their point.

Who, me,Jean Harlow reborn, dont be crazy, darlings, but…she did deserve a longer life, so…! Maybe I should stay blonde, go 30’s style, instead of 20’s, and do the whole Harlow thing, who knows? I could do a lot worse, and her hairstyle is more practical for me though lol! 😛 Might need someone to buy me one of those curling wands though!

Rest in peace, Harlean Harlow Carpenter (her real name), and dont worry about being compared to me, you were far more beautiful, but died far too young. I’m just flattered by the comparison, shall we say?

For those who need a few images for consideration, there are some here

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