I’m going back!

One thing I’ve never been sure on, is how wise it is to go back to somewhere special, after a really long period of time? I know I went back to Rochester last year, after 26 years, and Richmond, after 13, but neither held any great emotional attachment for me, in that sense at least. So that is a bit different to what I’m doing this year.

And seriously, even though I have contemplated the idea of returning to Yeovil, in Somerset, where I lived and worked for 16 years, a couple of times, in all honesty, I’ve decided I dont want to do it. As for returning to the Medway Towns, in Kent, where I lived for 20 odd years, until I fled the nest at 25, absolutely no chance, the thought holds no appeal whatsoever. The funny thing is, the Grammar School I went to, holds a special day each year, on the first Saturday in July, and given this marks the 40th anniversary of my departure, it would be a nice landmark visit, but I just think it would all be too strange somehow.

But despite all this, I’m going back to Jersey this year on holiday, after more than 30 years, and yes, there was a romantic attachment of sorts, way back when, though I’m not saying with which gender. The first time I stayed at this hotel (its no longer there, by the way), I got on well with one of the members of staff, and over the next couple of years, lets just say I spent a few holidays at that hotel, and leave it at that! 😉 I know its over 30 years, because I moved to Somerset in ’83, and it was over by then. And no, never been back since. But in May, I’m going back!

Seriously, I dont expect to recognise much, if anything, and as I say, the hotel that was my island landmark is long gone. I cant remember how I found out, but I did a few years ago, anyway. And as to where ‘that person’ is, no idea, havent heard from them in over 30 years, since we drifted apart, probably not still in Jersey, for all I know. But, will it all seem like a new place to me now, I would imagine St Helier has changed dramatically since then, or am I going to find places that I remember from back then? Who knows, I dont! But, its going to be the first time that I go back, after a very long time, to somewhere that was special in my life, and I have no idea what its going to be like. Interesting though, I suspect, for sure.

Oh, and a landmark for today, for those who care, and I do, for an obvious reason, happy birthday, Kansas. 153 years ago today, it became a fully fledged state of the USA.

The video, not quite that old, but it is nearly 40 years old, all the same.

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