That pre publicity moment

Well, given that I will soon have to pay for my holiday in May, this might be just the perfect moment to have a couple of things to sell…well, hopefully sell…

Firstly, in relation to yesterdays posting, and Friday’s performance, I just want to mention the video will be available for your delight, should be going up tomorrow on You Tube. But before you all dash off, trying to find it, it wont be listed, but I will have the link!

I know, I know, most of these hypno videos at prices involve a pretty young lady, and a bit of a flesh show… and cost between $15-25 dollars! Me, I’m 55, and there is no glimpse of boobs, and certainly no nudity, so how does $7.99 sound? Fair, I would say, for what I can guarantee was absolutely genuine trance, and I should know!

So, if you want the link, email me at, and I can give you the Paypal details, and you can watch me entranced, I have no idea how long I was under, but I think it was quite a long time. Hey, I’ve got to pay the train fare somehow lol! 😛 I might have to pay another, to get the Mary Lou trigger, which will be wonderful.

The other piece of publicity, is for something even cheaper, just $2.99! Yes, the new ebook should be out very soon, just waiting for the last 2 chapters back from my wonderful editor, James, and then it will get sent off to all the usual sources. Seeing an equally wonderful guy named Kris has already sent me back the cover, I’ll give you a peek


Yes, you’ve worked it out, its set in the 20’s. But…she’s a superheroine, just not your usual kind of girl. She gets up to a lot of fun! And hopefully, in the next week or so, you can find out exactly what!

Any other news, well, only that I’m back to work tomorrow, so blogs might return to a calmer rate from now on.

The video, well, I cant think of any way of including this song from my youth in a title, so lets cheat tonight. No, I am pretty certain this isnt the city in the title, suspect its either Bruges, or Amsterdam to be honest, but as its 40 years old, not sure on that.


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