Its my direction, its my proposal

A massively cryptic clue to the video, and to the blog, in a sense.

At the beginning of December, we had an email come round, for a Christmas give away at work. As it was simply a case of a bit of form filling, I gave it a go. Heard nothing for quite a while, the major prizes were announced, and I wasnt amongst them. There were some additional lesser prizes (though very nice all the same) which didnt get announced, but as I heard nothing at the time, I assumed that yet again, I’d won nothing. Me, and winning competitions, no, those terms dont go together lol!

But seemingly, something went wrong, I did! Won £250 of points for the company discount scheme, yes! To tell the truth, given I havent got a debit card, credit card (other than currency pre-pay) or anything, I hadnt even bothered to sign up! So hastily, I did! My boss told them the deed was done, they said I’d get the points in my account, and I waited, and waited, and…a week later, still nothing, so my boss followed it up, still no points! Then, on Friday, came the big announcement of all the winners by email, and the announcement that all the prizes had been given out, wrong!

So, I sent a polite reply email to the lady concerned (the EA to the HR director) on Friday evening, and got a reply this morning, with her chasing the matter up. By 4.00 or so, guess what, the points are in my account! The only irony being, I had planned to use some of them for new boots, new slippers etc, but in the end, I went and got them first. There is still a hotel to book, but no idea what I’m doing with the rest now. That has to be my direction, my proposal, I guess?

The video, one of my favourite groups of all time, again

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