A pair of NFL farewells

Its a fact of life that time moves on, as I know too well myself. At 55, I’ve probably got a few more years left in this life, but in all likelihood, not as many as I’ve had already, by a long stretch!

But when it comes to sports stadiums, it seems to get hit and miss. Fenway Park has been around for over a century, and Wrigley Field hits that landmark next year as well. But others seem to have a brief life, and then pass away, usually in a cloud of smoke, from demolition, by explosions.

Last Monday saw the last NFL game at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, and today, the same event is happening in Minneapolis, at the Metrodome. Both will be demolished at some point in the New Year. In the case of the 49ers, the new stadium will be ready for next season, though it will be in Santa Clara, not San Francisco, but I assume, no change of name? The Vikings will be playing outdoors for a couple of seasons or so, while the new stadium is built, and that wont be fun in December!

One boring fact, did you know that will only leave 1 stadium which both an NFL team, and an MLB team have called home, Oakland. SF Giants left at the turn of the century, the Minnesota Twins just a few years ago, but until then, they were both joint sport stadiums. Now the only one will be the Oakland Coliseum, and there is talk of one, or indeed both teams leaving there too!

I did see a game of Baseball at the Metrodome, but never made it to Candlestick Park. Now I will never visit either again. Farewell to both of you, but your mark in the history of the NFL, and MLB will remain

The video, lets call this the moment that probably broke the Metrodome’s back!

2 thoughts on “A pair of NFL farewells”

  1. Thank you for that piece of info. Cant remember where I read it now, but they were wrong!

    Apologies for the delay in spotting it, and posting, but WP regarded it as spam


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