Merry Christmas Everyone

Yes, thats a major clue to the video, though as I’m not sure this song ever crossed the Atlantic, my North American readers may not know it without looking at the video. Might be better if they dont, but anyway…

To all my readers here, and there seem to be a few, can I wish you all a Merry Christmas, from both me, and my alter ego, Merry Brooks.

Whats that, you thought my name really was Merry Brooks? Ah well, next you’ll be telling me you believe in Santa Claus? What? Aah…lets leave it there, shall we, lol?

Lets face it, at my age, I’m long past the point of getting over excited about Christmas, and with no family to share it with, it will just be the four of us here having a lovely day together. Then, for me at least, back to work on Boxing Day. Thankfully today was one of my days off for the week, so I have got a break of sorts.

If people are good (and I will get Santa to confirm), I might wear the dress I wore to the dinner tomorrow, and get one of Dave, or Nicole to take a picture, so you can finally see what it looked like. Whether I inflict my bare knees on you, you’ll have to wait and see! If you’re lucky, I’ll wear the leggings too!

Oh, and for those of you lacking a present for Christmas, there is always

for a Kindle treat. I know, I know, naughty, but the extra pennies would be nice, and the sales might boost the ego too. There are other options, like Smashwords, Kobo etc, for those of you without a Kindle too. Or as I have myself, you can download Kindle books to your computer anyway.

But anyway, advertising over now, honest it is.

Presents will be a few, one I know is the Louise Brooks biography by Barry Paris, a treat I’m looking forward to, I must say. I know that, because someone asked what I wanted, and this appealed, funnily enough. Beyond that, and the bottle of wine from work, not a clue!

So as I say, enjoy your day tomorrow, religious or otherwise, with a family or not, just have a lovely day.

Oh, and if you really want to think that I’m really a stunning young woman, named Meredith (Merry) Brooks, feel free to do so. Oh, and Santa, if you want me to look like my avatar pic that Merry uses as a Christmas present, please do!

The video, an oldie, but they are the best, so they say

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