Some short writing pieces

No, dont expect the new ‘War and Peace’ from me this month, even if it is November, the month of the annual novel writing competition, I’d be pressed to write 5,000 words in a month, let alone 50,000! But what will happen this month is hopefully a few shorter pieces, aided and abetted by the fact that I’m on holiday for a week during this month.

I have got a couple of potential ideas for longer stories, which will end up at some point as ebooks, but in the case of at least one, will appear on the Archive first. The other may not, simply because as Simon would say, there may not be any (or much) mind control in it, and sex, even less so!

But first, I may try and get the writing juices going, with a couple of short pieces for the monthly contest at the Garden, ran so well by S.B. This month its about sporting moments, though I’m going to have to cheat the concept on one, as we arent meant to use the same sport twice.

One, I’m planning on, is a bimbo type story, though I doubt I can touch the quality of the master of bimbo stories, my friend, Kris. But I can try. Thinking something along the line of the cheerleader team being one short, and one of the mothers enlisted into the team. Of course, she needs to look younger, look cuter, and quite likely that her assets might need a boost too. Normally said cheerleaders would be for a football team, but given that the other story will definitely be a football one, I might have to make it basketball or something, as I need something else with cheerleaders. Sadly, baseball doesnt have them, ah well…foiled lol!

The other, which may well end up as a Merry Brooks story is going to be a time travel one. They seem popular, they seem to sell, so roll with it, and all that. Did you know, when the NFL started in the 1920’s, there were a number of teams, that unless you are a history buff like me, you would never have heard of. There are a few (Packers, Bears, Giants and Cardinals) that have been around since then, but most died, either at the time of the Great Depression, or even before. One, the Tonawanda Kardex team, played one game in the NFL, a 45-0 loss! They had been around to some degree for a few years, but thats the shortest NFL franchise history ever!

I suspect my story will revolve around a couple of teams that survive until now, I’m tempted to use the 2 Chicago teams (the Cardinals were in town back then), as it would work quite well, but dont quote me on that. Go to a modern game, find herself at a game in the 20’s, should be fun!

But in fact, this wont be my first story about a long defunct football team, I actually wrote one 7 years ago, involving the Frankford Yellow Jackets. Who, well, they were the 1926 champions, but virtually folded at the time of the crash in 1929, staggering on for 2 more years, as a pretty awful team, before finally folding.

In fact the team name has been revived in recent years, though the name is the only connection. Oh, whats that, the story, oh alright,

The longer stories, you ask? Well one will be a robot based story, loosely involving recent events that I mentioned a couple of months back. The other, most definitely a 20’s story, though set then, not a time travel one. If I say the working title is Thoroughly Modern Jilly, it might give you a clue!

So November may not see a novel, but might see some writing at least.

The video, well, its about a team I mentioned here. And it even includes some ladies in uniform. But no, not cheerleaders, I’ve never found evidence that they were actually at games back then, but if anyone knows differently?

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