Brave or crazy, not sure which?

As a lot of people know, when it comes to trying new things, especially anything that might improve my health, I’ll give almost anything a try. I know, crazy or what, and believe me, one or two are never likely to be repeated.

But one thing I’ve avoided up to now, despite ibs, and countless other issues, is Colonic Irrigation, or Hydrotherapy, though I’m not sure why, given that the speculum wont be the first thing that has ever been up my rear end, but enough of that issue! I’ve heard mixed reviews, and comments about it, but now I’m going to find out for myself, next Friday.

I look at it this way, if it works, then great, if it doesnt, then I wont repeat it, but at least I will have lived, and learned, shall we say? Given it will only be water flowing in, and out, not some nanite loaded solution, I expect to feel human at the end, even if my backside might wonder whats happened to it, and my bowels even more so!

For a guide as to what I’m letting myself in for, you can watch this

Wish me luck…I think?

Oh, and on a totally unrelated, but very biased note, the Boston Red Sox are now in the World Series, starts on Wednesday evening, US time. Good luck guys, Boston Brave!

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