So you want to be a robot?

One of the interesting questions I was asked last week in that ‘interesting conversation’ I had, was to be asked why I wanted to be a robot? A very reasonable question under the circumstances, sonsidering the story that had brought us together in the first place, and the desires I had mentioned.

Before we get started, lets give a quick shout out to the first robot who probably hooked me on the idea, that feisty one in the original TV series of Lost in Space. For those who dont remember it, or the film, here’s an idea of what it looked like

Seriously, I am so jealous of him, I would love to have the chance of wearing that myself, though I suspect it weighs quite a lot, if you try to move in it, or anything.

But clearly, the chances of me being transformed into a robot like this one, slim, to put it mildly! Lets face it, its never going to be a sexy robot look, is it?

Anyway, getting back on track. I might have mentioned this before, but one of the things that appeals to me about robot life, is the lack of emotions. Oh, there is the totally being controlled side of it too, and I guess both relate to having the power of decision making, and feelings taken away from me. Brainwashed and reprogrammed, simply brainwashed, or just functioning with a totally controlled mind, the feelings are moot as to what is the biggest kick for me. Almost certainly one of the first two, but from there, its the toss of a coin. Just being a mindless drone might be fun, but would it be even more fun to know you’ve been reprogrammed to become the ‘machine’ you are now.

How would you like it done?

Well, in all honesty, any way possible! Hey, if you can find a way to make hypnosis stick permanently, then I’d even take that. But yes, alright, if I’m being honest, I want my brain electrically ‘fried’ to some degree. Be it with electrodes, a la ECT below

which is the far more delicious clip, but sadly cut short at the end. Or this one, which has the far better build up, but cuts out the ‘good bit’ unfortunately.

Yes, from my personal kink, a helmet placed over my head, with or without electrodes would be even better, especially with electrodes, I must admit. But seriously, having my brain zapped in this way, especially as in the first clip, would be wonderful, all the same.

Now, if I believe all that he told me, this could all actually happen fairly soon. And hey, if it was just play, then let me say he was really, really good in playing his part. So much so that my heart actually believes him, and is sure this will happen, even as my head is trying to tell me that is a crazy idea. But, but…lets wait and see.

Of course, nothing could possibly make me happier than it being true, and that sometime soon I will be turned into a mindless, compliant robot, unable to do anything but obey commands given to me. As I say, I so want it to happen, and he made me believe him that it will, but…could I really be so lucky?

Lets wait and see, but fingers are crossed. 😉

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