Lets crank up the publicity machine

Yes, its that time again, when the quiet, shy, Merry Brooks shows off her writing skills to the wider public, by releasing one of her stories on the world. Given that my previous time travel story set in thw 20’s has been my major seller, lets try a variation on that theme. Plus, given its already written, its not a time issue to get it sorted and posted.

So, 2 days from now, the new story, ‘When You Fail The Test Of Time’ will go on general sale. As a pre treat, here is a glimpse of the cover


A brilliant design by a friend named Kris, mentioned a few blogs back on here.

What can I say? Someone needs to be less cynical about the abilities of a friend to design a time travel machine, especially as it works. Unfortunately he doesnt set it correctly before he sends her off, and our heroine finds herself thrust back into life in the 1920’s. Thankfully, she’s practical, and was carrying some money on her, so she gets on with life. Of course, thats a lot more basic than nowadays. To find out what happens, and who she meets, you need to go to https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/merrybrooks later this week, and buy it. Hey, its only $2.99, and whats that between friends? It will also go up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo later in the week too, just not sure exactly when they will release it. But if they are your options, just look for the author name, and it should appear.

Yes, its only a sideline for me, but its a fun one, and its always nice to see the sales numbers tick over from time to time.

So the video tonight, quite apt, if not a musical piece. It is a bit corny, but its time travel from now, back to the 1920’s, so how could I ignore?

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