Come to look, and admire

I’ve seen a few acts live in my time, though with the one exception, all when I was much younger. I am glad I saw OMD again this year though, that was quite special, even if my body didnt think so on the night. All that standing, at my age, with my knees,…aargh!

But there is one act I always wanted to see live, and never got the chance to do so. No, not my close namesake, and a few will know who I mean, but in this case, I mean Simon and Garfunkel.

Generally I had a fair reason for not seeing them live, the first, and major split was when I was still a small child, and far too young to go to pop concerts. They have had one or two reunions (see the video for an example), but apart from one, very expensive possibility in London some time ago, I’ve never had the opportunity, even if I could have done.

I suppose because my first major influence by music came at such a young age (6, or 7), I grew up on their music, and that of the flower power era, as my first chance at becoming a fan. By the time I was old enough to go to concerts, they were gone from the scene. But yes, I still hanker back to that music, even now. Its funny, you would think that this many years on, that they might have lost the edge, but clearly they havent

Probably my favourite song of theirs, but it would be a close run thing. But given that in less than 7 weeks, I’ll be looking for America, so…

Other things, I’ve seen the pictures, they are quite amazing, and in a few weeks time, when they arrive, I’ll post a couple here. I will also post one on the author profiles, so if you go hunting the books down then, you might find it. Though seriously, I wouldnt mind one or two going to the book site, and buying now, all the same. Lets just say the new story isnt flying up the internet sales listings at present!

Reminder, they are at

Right, I’ll try and post something more thought provoking over the next couple of days, but no promises made, depends on time, and things.


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