Homeward Bound

Though my moment was at Leeds station tonight, not Widnes, the station that its believed Paul Simon wrote this song about. Its the one that holds the plaque, though details now make it unclear if it was the exact one. But…

My entertaining moment tonight had nothing to do with a song, and more to do with the fact it was a hot, summer Saturday evening, and a few men reacting to it. I arrived on the platform to be greeted by 1 topless man, not a pretty sight. Not that that was enough, very soon another one arrived, complete with family, and looking very ‘pink’ to say the least. Before the train arrived (yes, it was a few minutes late, major shock…not!) another, who at least had a vest on, but it wasnt covering much, to say the least.

If I was interested in men romantically, believe me, those 3 could have put me off! Seriously, do some men think thats a suitable style of dress for a public railway station, especially if your figure is, err, less than perfect, shall we say?

Anyway, enough of those scary thoughts, enjoy a classic video

Other news, the photo shoot happened on Tuesday, not quite sure when the pics will be here, but I’ll post some when they are. Viewing was meant to be next Tuesday, but has been delayed slightly, so be patient. Oh, and a new ebook story from Ms Brooks will appear next week, either Tuesday or Wednesday, I suspect. Oh, and for Paypal purposes at least, I am now Merry Brooks Publishing! Feel free to buy any of the stories, I’ll provide a link to the new one when posted.

A homage to another Ms Brooks, shall we say?

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