Well, someone is buying the stories

Well, principally one of them, ‘No Place Like Nome’ has already hit double figures in its own right, but at least ‘Its Leaving Old Ireland’is finally off the mark, if only just. Well, in a few places at least, someone opened her mouth, and said that if I hit double figures, I’d have to put up another story, and now my arm has been twisted lol! Not that I’m complaining mind, just wasnt sure it would happen, thats all.

Before anyone asks, no, I have no plans to put up the vast majority of my Robotunit8 stories, mainly because the vast majority are robot transformation stories, and dont fit in with the Merry Brooks persona. There are a few that would work in the sense of no robots, but not in the historical side of things. Also, I’m not a fan of putting books up for sale that people can read elsewhere for free, so…and that really was my full library of unpublished stories.

Having said all that, there is one story that fits in beautifully with the whole Merry Brooks style, its principally set in the 1920’s, though one or two liberties are taken with technology that would have been available in those days. The inspiration for it, and indeed the title of the story come from an OMD song, yes, Pandora’s Box. Without that song, and that video, I may not have become as big a fan of Louise Brooks as I am now, and indeed I make no guarantee that I would ever have known of her, but for that.

So yes, its fair to say that despite the name, Louise Brooks not appearing anywhere in the story, there are plenty of connections to her, if you know what you’re looking for! šŸ˜‰ And actually, the 2 main men of OMD get cameos too, as a sign of appreciation, even if Paul Humphreys played no part in the making of the song.

No, it wont be appearing on good book sites immediately, I have my eyes on a cover, just need to purchase it, but I need to then find out how you get it titled up and things, as for the first two it was done as a gift for me, so not a clue how to get it done without help.

But yes, coming soon, ‘Of An Innocence Divine’ by Merry Brooks. Hopefully that sells a few copies too!

The video, well yes, how did you guess? Not the official video, but still plenty of Louise Brooks in it, including one brief section of her in later years, when you get to hear her speak.

6 thoughts on “Well, someone is buying the stories”

  1. Has an unfinished story set in the twenties, but it may remain unfinished, because writing just ain’t happenin’

    Congrats on the sales!


  2. the ideas are there, sadly somehow the drive isn’t, and trying to push myself leaves things feeling forced.


  3. Trying a fairly straightforward (though somewhat odd) project right now… we shall see how that goes.

    There was another in progress recently but it seems to be above my writing skill level at present.


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