A guy named Joe

Thats right, Joe Mudak to his friends, though I can say with 100% conviction, thats not his real name. In fact I know his real name, assuming his Facebook one is that, and I’m pretty sure it is, but no, I’m not telling you that one.

Anyway, Mr Mudak and I go back quite a way on the Archive, and the Forums, and I would say we get on pretty well for 2 people who have never met, and probably never will. Its fair to say his stories tick my most critical boxes, the ones about good plot, and good characters, and quite often a nice touch of humour, but not always. I know for some those arent the most critical ingredients in mind control porn stories, but they are for me.

Right, a while back ‘Joe’ got into this whole ebook publishing thing, and though he’s never likely to make his living by it, I gather he doesnt do too badly out of it. Some of them I’ve read indirectly, as they were either Archive stories, or based strongly on them, but others, just for selling, I’ve missed out on. Nothing personal, I barely have the time for the updates nowadays, let alone anything else.

Thankfully, he still posts stuff up at the EMCSA too, something I really appreciate at least. Anyway, a while back I promised him a blog posting to advertise his writing, and I’ve finally got to it. Sorry, Joe, its taken a while, but thats my job for you!

To save you hunting, heres his profile page at Smashwords


Go check it out, and maybe buy something. Oh, and talking of buying something, one of my stories has managed 2 sales, the other is yet to break its duck. So please…I have got one more story that fits in with the persona up at the Archive, but I will only move it across if it seems worthwhile. So if you want to know what it is, you need to get my sales into double figures. Well, no harm in trying lol!

The video choice, well, given I know Mudak is something rude in Russian, I did consider Dee-Lite, and Groove Is In The Heart, as its the only record I can think of that I know, with a Russian artist in it. But instead, I’ve gone for an artist I know we both love, who died far too young at the age of 38. What songs we missed out on, its depressing to think about

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