The deed is done

Yes, I finally, finally got around to getting the 2 stories posted up at Smashwords, and through another site, they will soon be available at several other good online bookstores as well.

What’s that? Some links? Oh well, if you insist, and even if you dont…

Will take you to them.

So far the samples have been downloaded a few times (alright, only 4, but they’ve only been up about 9 hours), but no one has bought the full works yet, a moment I look forward to, when and if it happens. And whats more, Ms Brooks now has her own Facebook account as well, though I suspect it will be mainly for publicity, and not much else. Its hard enough keeping up with my own Facebook account, but lets see what happens.

I’m sure the rumour that JK Rowling is quaking in her boots at the news, is totally false lol!

Will there be more? I dont know, these are the 2 I wanted to get an audience for, but there is one archive story that fits in with her style, so if these take off, I might post that as well. Beyond that, unless its an overwhelming success, then time to write might be the snag. But who knows?

The video, well, I know these are ebooks, not actual books, but I just couldnt resist plumping for this one, all the same

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