Walking in the rain

About the only good thing to come out of a pretty soggy Saturday in Belfast, is that I gave up on the cricket by about 3 pm, and headed back into town. This enabled me to have a walk around a city that hasnt always been as peaceful as it is now. Not that it doesnt occasionally have its moments, but compared to that period known as ‘The Troubles’, its very quiet now. Yes, even on a Saturday afternoon with all those shoppers about!

Even more so on a Sunday morning about 10, when its very quiet, to say the least, most shops dont seem to open for as many hours over there on a Sunday as over here. In fact, all I could find open were a couple of souvenir shops, and a number of coffee houses, one of which I retired to, for my last drink before heading out to the airport, and home.

No, I never actually walked around Belfast during the Troubles, I wasnt that crazy! All I saw were the pictures on the news, and the advice of not to go into the city centre, at any time. So I didnt! Whereas now, the whole idea of this trip was to stay downtown, thats how much its all changed for the better.

Oh, of course, there is a new tourist attraction in Belfast, though it is just outside the city centre. It concerns something that happened just over 100 years ago, when a ship was the only way to cross the Atlantic, and it took forever. Yes, the Titanic exhibition, if you hadnt worked that out already. No, I dont know how good it is, I only saw the outside of the buildings from the bus heading out to the airport. Hopefully I can get back next year, and hopefully the weather will be good enough that I dont spend Saturday afternoon walking around Belfast city centre!

The video, well it sums up what I was doing on Saturday

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