Get it right next time

Right, a posting on the matter that really should dominate this blog, but has a bad habit of not doing so, mind control. Lets face it, its the reason I started this blog, just that it seems to have drifted into other matters nowadays.

Most MC stories follow a common theme, someone either has, or gains mind control powers, and instantly has control over everyone around them that they desire to have said powers over. All perfect, never fails, and all that. But the stories that are the most fun for me fall into the 2 opposite groups, either someone accidentally gaining powers, and not going down Route 1, but being clever with them, and just using them as needed. ‘The Jilliad’ being a fine example of this genre.

The other fun one, of which there have been a couple of examples in this update (1 new, 1 continuation) is when things dont go according to plan, for one reason or another. In one of those stories, a hypnosis based one, the author is cleverly working things more along the official lines of hypnosis, in that you cant force anyone to do anything they really dont want to under hypnosis. The story, quite suitably is called ‘Limits’. But the author cleverly tries to get round things by taking things slowly, changing the other persons perception of what they are happy with, until, ha, he’s got them where he wants them! But it all takes time, and I’m loving the chess match style of the battle, for want of a better word that this brings about. You know that eventually he’s going to win, but in the meanwhile…

The other one, which is the new story this week, ‘Saimin Gentleman’ is where the protagonist thinks he’s used mind control to get his wicked way, but in all honesty, the victim was just plain willing to be taken anyway! In that sense, the punchline at the end of this is just wonderful, as the wannabee controller discovers he didnt need to mind control someone to get what he wanted, and indeed didnt do so, in this case because he forgot to press the magic button! The thing is, by the sound of it, the victim would have quite enjoyed being controlled anyway! Sadly we dont get to discover if he did press the button eventually or not, though by the sound of it, his desired victim would have used it on herself if he hadnt!

Anyway, just a note to all budding authors in the mind control field, less than perfect events can sometimes be a lot more fun than total mind control domination! Well, unless I’m your planned target, in which case please make sure your machine works perfectly, be it a mind controller, brainwasher, or robotising device lol!

The video, a blast from the past, which lets face it, most of my music is!

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