The end of the end

That title might get a few thinking, but to save on your precious brain cells, its the end of the holiday, in the city where Louise Brooks life came to an end. September sees the trip to the place from earlier in her life, Kansas. I know, the wrong way round, but I dont care. And of course, this time at least, the route is via New York City, the only other place she lived for a lengthy part of her life. Alright, JFK is hardly central NYC, but its as close as I can get lol! As close as I’d want to get to NYC in all honesty, but anyway…

Its funny, when I told people I was coming here, I tended to get 2 reactions, where, and why! The why, I knew, even if many didnt see it, was the obvious one, that lady buried out at Holy Sepulchre played a major part in the call. It was also going to be interesting to come back here after 25 years, though given I remember nothing of the city from that trip, that was only a side issue.

I must admit, there were a few times when I wondered if I would find enough here for a weeks trip, which was why I planned a return visit to Buffalo on one day of the stay. it never happened, there was enough here without that, as I soon discovered. Yes, its a nice city, I’m glad I’ve done justice to it, though I suspect I will never see it again, but thats not because I didnt like the place, I did. But there are other places to see, plus I pretty much covered everything, so unless I get an offer I cant refuse, I wont be back. And no, I dont expect that to happen lol! But yes, I’m so glad I visited Rochester, in so many ways.

Tomorrow, the long flight back to the UK starts, and thats where the next blog post will appear from. In the meanwhile, as promised, the obvious song. Not the official video, but a live version though, but yes, you can see images of Louise in the background. Hopefully I will get to hear it live next month, Andy, are you listening? 😉

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