Happy birthday!

Yes, unoriginal title on a day like today, and yes, its a dead giveaway as to what the video is at least, or should be.

The funny thing is, at the Garden at least, where most of the birthday activity is, in terms of posting, where relevant, all the postings seem to focus on the old robot me, and not on the new flapper version. Not that I mind, James posted a delicious poem, and I still love the robot related pictures, but at the same time, I would have loved at least one to have picked up on the new me when posting.

Oh, the day, quiet, just the way I wanted it to be. Have been out for a meal this evening, but thats as lively as it has got. My main present, the one to me, from me. The fact that 5 weeks from now, I will be in New York State, heading for Rochester, and my weeks holiday. What the weather holds, is anybody’s guess I gather up there, at that time of year. But heading to ‘Louise Brooks’ territory will be special for me, whatever the weather.

No, I dont imagine I will dress flapper style while there, not that it wouldnt be fun. But the flapper era was long over by the time she moved there anyway. Low heels, quite possibly, flapper dress, I suspect not lol. But more on all that nearer the time, when I have a better idea what the weather will be like.

The video, as I said, yes, its the obvious one

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