Six Nations Rugby – A passion for Ireland

Yes, its that time of year again, indeed it all actually started last week, which is where this funny story comes from.

Last year, for all 5 Ireland games, at work, I wore a green top, and to be honest, most of the season, they were awful. So last Saturday, they were away to Wales, and I wasnt expecting much, after ladt year, and indeed the autumn games. So, I dint wear green, I wore a random pink top, probably a t-shirt, but with the shifts I’ve been doing of late, a week back is a long time to try and remember lol! Unsurprisingly, in our place, on a Saturday, before the soccer kicked off, we were manic! So though the TV was on the game on the row in front of me, I wasnt really following it. A sudden breather, I glance at the score, and cant believe my eyes, 20-0 to Ireland! Double check, and yes, its true. Next time I look, its 23-3. That was it, the rest of the game was pretty much lost in a blur of phone calls, so whether they eased off, or just hung on, the final score was 30-22. Wow!

So guess what, I wont be wearing green for any irish game this year now, if thats what wearing pink does for them. Its the big game Sunday, against the ‘old enemy’ of England in Dublin. Given the results last weekend, whoever wins it, is in pole position to win the title, so go Ireland!

Just my luck though, I was on the Escalated Desk on Sunday, which while being a more high pressure job, you do get gaps between things, so might have got chance to see some of the game. Now, as they are training someone up, I’m on standard calls, aargh! Hope I get to see some of it at least, and even more importantly, hope I see an Irish win.

The video, enough said lol!


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