Well, the stage show should be something!

So alright, it probably wont be, just the 4 guys on stage, but if they ever go in for a stage show as a backdrop, what a sight it could be. Yes, OMD, who else did you think I was talking about? I have hopes of the latter in May, but suspect that it might just be the former somehow.

Well yes, along with brainwashing (History of Modern), and robot related one (Kissing the machine), and distinctly interesting pieces (Tesla Girls, to name but one), and besides all that, we all know that ‘Electricity’ is used to create robots, dont we? 😉

Well this year, in conjunction with the tour, we get a new album, called ‘English Electric’, released in early April. And Andy McCluskey, to give him his due, has given us a couple of sample videos for tracks from the album. Decimal is the other one, should be easily found on You Tube if you so desire. Word of warning, if you expect the type of music you are used to from OMD, this might be different! Nearly 30 years ago, they released an album called Dazzle Ships, which was a bit, err, different. The samplers so far from EE, suggest we have a bit more of the same here. For example

This is a remix, not the original, but its neat, and yes, the original is on You Tube as well, if you want to find it

Yes, its not hard to work out which line in here amused me no end! Well, if thats what you want Andy, then just robotise me lol! The video actually has a few clever touches for long term fans, but I suspect otherwise, you might not get them. It looks more like he’s seeking the Stepford type robot wife, than the mindless chrome one, but hey, that wouldnt be too bad a life, lets face it.

Seriously, can you imagine the stage set for this? Take a girl, put her in a brainwashing chair, then pulse some electricity through her, Tesla Coil or otherwise. And thereby create the perfect robot wife, and then you get to ‘kiss the machine’ afterwards. Yes, so alright, the brainwashing wouldnt really happen, and the electricity would have to be a light show, but…Oh come on Andy, this could be fun, and yes, I’m volunteering to be transformed this way. I know, I’m old, but I’m only just over a year older than him, so… 🙂

Sadly, it will just be the 4 guys on stage I guess, but no harm in suggesting, is there? 😉 And yes, I have mentioned the concept of this on their Facebook page, but no one has come back to me lol!

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