Brainwashing, in a song

No, of course not, no pop group would ever bring up the subject of brainwashing, mind control and the like in a song, would they? Oh yes they would, well OMD certainly would at least! Just take in the lyrics of this song, and be amazed

Of course, as the mind control purists would point out, this is about brainwashing, not mind control per se, but hey, thats pretty close, all the same! Oh, and alright, lets face it, OMD subject matter over the years has included some pretty wide ranging subject matter, of course including Louise Brooks, amongst many other things, also Enola Gay (the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb) and Joan of Arc. So alright, they do write about thought provoking stuff, it has to be said. But seriously, a song that is pretty much about brainwashing, thats pretty radical!

No, I have no ideas on their views on the matter, and whether they see themselves as controllers, or controlled, and doubt I will get the opportunity to ask, and probably wouldnt have the nerve to do so, if I did! Just thinking about it though, with this, Kissing the machine, and Tesla Girls, a stage set on the tour for these songs could be a mind controllers/roboticists delight lol! Hey, I wouldnt mind being part of such set, especially the first two songs! Even if it only looked like my thoughts were being erased, or that I was dressed as a robot, not really one! 😉 Yes, obviously I wouldnt object to doing the Louise Brooks look for them either, come to that! 🙂

There probably are other songs, just as apt, but hey, this is my favourite group, and I’m therefore biased. Also, I am looking forward to seeing them live in Leeds in May, so if they want to take my stage set ideas into consideration, I’m free to be ‘brainwashed’ that night!

So if Andy, Paul, or anyone connected to them sees this…No, I wont hold my breath lol! Besides, is 3 minutes long enough to erase my mind? I’m willing to find out, of course!


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