Look at me!

No, not actually me, you see, though if you’re feeling so inclined, then go ahead and do so, there is at least a couple of pics of me around here lol! But truth be told, I’m talking about the lady I’ll be looking at on Thursday evening, Louise Brooks.

Yes, on the ‘silver screen’ in Leeds, I finally get to see one of her films in full, and its probably the most famous one, Pandora’s Box. Yes, unsurprisingly, I’m really looking forward to it, and it will be interesting placing the clips from the OMD video of course, and seeing how many I can spot. And yes, I dont know how weird it will be watching those bits with an entirely different soundtrack lol!

In truth, I could watch the full film on You Tube on my laptop, but in truth, how would you rather see it? Hopefully the same answer as me, on the big screen. I wonder what it will be like, seeing the full length film in fact, after seeing those few moments in the music video? All I can say is that it didnt harm Metropolis for me in any way, after the music video for Radio Gaga, by Queen.

I suspect some might even dress up for the event, in a sense I hope a few do in all honesty. No, I wont be amongst them, as going directly from work, and I dont think a flapper style look would meet with approval there lol! I really should have tried to hunt down a bob wig, but its too late now, and besides, to make it work, I’d have to push a lot of my hair up inside it, so it probably wouldnt work for the best, even if I had?

Oh yes darlings, I’m a real moviegoer, do you know the last film I saw (other than on a plane flying across the Atlantic), I Robot, in Dallas, soon after it came out! Probably be another long gap before I go again, unless the chance to see another Brooks film arises, I suspect.

Its funny, I was listening to this video now, and was just thinking the lyrics could be quite apt for Brooksie. Yes, I always play the video first, to make sure the link works. So make your own choice as to who you look at, but for me, both Geri, and Louise have me beat!


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