Brainwashing, roleplay style

To complete the trilogy. Food for thought, maybe?

Maybe, just maybe, wiping the mind clean through hypnosis, temporarily or longer is possible, with a willing candidate at least? But as this would need a highly competent hypnotist prepared to do such a thing, who the ‘victim’ could trust to reboot them as a human safely afterwards, its not a likely event. Clearly for someone like me, being left as a robot for a while once tranced and wiped (say, about an hour or so) would be something I wouldnt mind trying. Or, maybe not totally wiped, but no more than a passenger in my body, unable to think for myself, while obeying commands given to me. One thing is for certain, if you couldnt write a good mind control robotisation story after that, I dont know lol!

Could be done, but find someone prepared to do something like that, while being trustworthy enough to let them play with your blank mind for an hour or two, probably not the easiest combination to find lol. Still more likely than finding someone with a proper brainwashing machine all the same. Of course, with something like that you might not get your mind back after an hour or two, but… 😉

But anyway, lets get back to what this piece is about, a brainwashing roleplay scene. Nothing permanent, not even anything temporary in real life, just a scene where it might look like, or even more so, feel like, you are actually being brainwashed, even if its only in your active imagination!

The simplest solution is something very basic, like a cycle, or motorcycle helmet. Couple of well positioned pads of some kind over the ears, or on the forehead could work as the brainwashing electrodes, though clearly they have to be noticeable to the wearer. You could actually use electrode pads, connected up or otherwise, but that isnt critical. Clearly going down the actual electrode pad route, you really do need to connect them up, and have a control box handy, just not switch it on lol! That just adds to the reality of things, knowing it wont be switched on, but it could be. Heightens the tension is the term that comes to mind, I guess? Or, if you really want the “victim” to wonder, switch it on really low!

The other route is the good old fashioned chair, or table, with some sort of headset, something a la chair in the hairdressers that you get put under to dry your hair. Though clearly the aim of this would be to clean the mind, not dry the hair lol! Instead of sucking the dampness out of your hair, sucking the braincells out of your mind! Its doable, its creatable, a large bucket or the like could be the brainwashing chamber? Of course a combination of both could work even better lol!

So brainwashing can be quite a simple roleplay, I guess? 😉 Certainly no equipment as complex as this is needed, thats for sure.

To be honest, a robotisation roleplay doesnt really need any more, though clearly in that case, electrodes could actually be used powered up, on parts of the body, to add to the effect. Nipple clamps could also be attached, that would be equally as shocking as a few volts passing through you lol! Might be tricky wearing a silver body suit, but with just silver leggings …?

Of course some probably have ideas of their own, quite possibly some more ‘delicious’, and possibly more exciting than mine? Hopefully someone is thinking to himself that thats tame compared to what he’s thinking about lol!

So, if there is anyone out there, other than one I already know, who fancies brainwashing (rp, or hypnosis), or even robotising me (same things, I guess) then drop me a line, make me an offer, and… who knows? 😉

5 thoughts on “Brainwashing, roleplay style”

  1. Write up might be fun, but I think we both struggle for time for something like that as it is lol! But thanks for the offer, much appreciated x


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