A Robotised Mind

Yes, a follow up to the last posting. There we discussed a very nice looking robot body, now lets contemplate the perfect robot mind.

To ask how it would feel, is probably an irrelevant question, because the robot wouldnt feel, or more correctly, think for itself in the slightest. It would either operate by its programming, or the commands given to it, by whatever method. Personally, I’m a fan of the headset/helmet method of doing this, with an earpiece or two, commands can simply, and quickly given to the robot, and the command could be instantly carried out. Also, for me at least, the ears should be covered by such helmet, no risk of any other commands being received in this case, if someone was simply to talk to the robot.

But beyond the whole practical “empty mind” thing, for now, I wonder how it would feel if you were c0ntrolled in this way, could feel it, but had no power over your mind and body? A pretty strange sensation I would imagine, simply being a passenger within your own body. Well, alright, maybe its your own body, maybe its your body enclosed in a chrome shell, or even just maybe (though I suspect only in fiction at present) your whole body has been converted to a nice chrome shell?

But lets keep this into “reality” at present, as this is a follow up to the Graybot suit posting, and therefore look at that style of robotic control, and transformation. Given I see it as a suit, lets assume you put it on, and maybe can take off again, said suit. Alright, I suspect the likelihood is that once on, it stays on, but anyway…Equally, lets note that suit is purely a body suit, so if that young ladies mind has been robotised as well, then something else carried out that process, be it chair, helmet, or a nice set of electrodes, or more likely a combination of at least two of those lol!

Post processing, her mind simply obeys the commands given to her by her controller, by whatever means. As I say, helmet for me, maybe they just took it off for the picture, and there is latent control. Who knows, she might have some nice brain implants by now, that mean no helmet is now needed, an equally hot idea for me, to be honest.

How does that feel though? Would you just feel nothing, if your mind has been erased or whatever, not knowing anything until a command was issued, and then obey it? Would you even be aware of your surroundings? Presumably either your visual processes arent wiped out, or how will you be able to see to carry out said orders? With a full helmet, it would be possible to use some sort of camera system, but otherwise… and the Graybot look clearly doesnt use that lol!

Just how blank can you make the human mind? I dont really know, can hypnosis take you down that road? You can influence thoughts by the use of it, thats for sure, as a beneficiary of hypnotherapy in a big way, I know that, and am amazed by the results. But thats more about slipping into a trance, than any form of mind wiping, lets face it.  Mind control of sorts, yes, you could definitely say that, but brainwashing by hypnosis, I cant see it somehow. As I see it, hypnosis can affect the brain, but not wipe it completely. But can hypnosis take you to a point where you think you’ve been brainwashed?

I dont know, maybe someone who knows might comment here? Yes, I’d love to feel the sensation of being totally brainwashed and empty, but would prefer the chance of deciding if I like it before its made permanent lol! Silver robot suit a must if that is the plan btw! 😉 So, if any hypnotist is prepared to let me experience that totally empty mind, or there is a scientist out there who wants to do it by more ‘exciting’ means, then give me a shout! Sadly online hypnosis doesnt work with me, plenty have tried. One on one, I go under very quickly, so I’m told. Clearly the scientist method would need my prescence lol, chance would be a fine thing!

Ah, the video. Given dear James is the one regular commenter here, I’ll give him a video treat, with the programme this is taken from.  Though looking at the Dalek design, this isnt from a recent show.


14 thoughts on “A Robotised Mind”

  1. Any photoset in particular? You do have some great pics, it has to be said, I’m jealous of her. I might pretend to resist, but suspect that would be as far as it went lol!


  2. My pleasure, I took a look at some of the other sets too, very good. Glad to see I wasnt the only adult who bought the Cyberman head mask thing at the time lol! But yes, that space suit, and the helmet is quite something.
    I’ve got a weeks holiday mid November, might tempt myself down your way then anyway, would be fun to get some robot/spacesuit type shots done. Now, if you can modify the helmet by then lol… 😉 Or some sort of brainwashing unit set up?
    Train journey is only a couple of hours each way, would certainly make for a great holiday day out, thats for sure.


  3. And you say that you can’t write mc stories any more?

    Hah! put a character named Stephanie or Louise into what you have above, and have her feeling what you describe, and end up turning to her friend saying “We are the cyborgs, you will be absorbed into us to serve us and absorb others, resistance is expected” ……… and I’d read it and be very happy. 🙂


  4. As for the question of whether hypnosis can take you to the point of thinking you’ve been brainwashed to be blank and empty, well, having felt it I’d say yes it can, as long as the subject believes it can. I would add the question though: how well does the subject trust their hypnotist? because the condition described is suggestible in the extreme, and since I was deeply involved with mine, and would have married her if it had been legal to do so at the time so my level of trust was as close to total as can be.

    I think trust is key, not only in that you want it to be safe, but also in that a lack of trust in the hypnotist would limit how deep you might let yourself go with them.

    Take care


  5. Heather, the snag with writing at present isnt the lack of ideas, its a lack of time to write anything that is the problem, to be honest.
    Its funny you say yes about hypnosis taking you that deep, as 2 others elsewhere have said no, lol! Agreed, I’d have to build a trust with a hypnotist before going that deep, but I’m sure its possible to do so. Mind, if I found anyone who wanted dull old me as their obedient robot, I’d be surprised lol!


  6. Well, while I wasn’t able to be here, you got quite a bit of conversation! Now, for myself, I don’t think you get to “feel” anything while properly robotized, and I don’t think you will be conscious of the non-feeling . . . which may, indeed, be disappointing. But you wouldn’t be able to feel disappointment, would you?


  7. Yes, I think this is a comment numbers record for me lol!
    Agreed, truly robotized, you probably dont feel anything, but that in itself might be an interesting state to experience in all honesty. No, no disappointment as a robot, so it must be blissful lol! 😉 Feeling all your thoughts melt away would be quite an experience too, I suspect.


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