The thank you speech

I’ll just keep this brief tonight, if you’ll forgive me, time is getting on, and given I fly back tomorrow night, I need to get a good nights sleep tonight. Besides which, its been a long, and wonderful week, but it might be beginning to catch up with me now. Either that, or equally possible, I’m now so stress free, and relaxed, that the brain is just switching down a bit. Might well be the latter, I havent slept this well in a while, and that seems an obvious reason why, just relaxed.

I will fill out more details after I get back, I promise, but for now…Lets face it, it will be 1 blog posting I wont have to concern myself as to the subject matter lol!

So for now, my biggest, and most grateful thanks go out to Kate, who has made a wonderful companion for the week. She has done a lot of wonderful things for me this week, and its all been so appreciated. While on the subject, I’d like to thank her AO (adored one), and Fenway the dog (before he nips my ankles for forgetting him lol) for letting Kate loose for what has been a really super week for me. Hopefully we can get together again at some point in the future, that would be great.

I also want to thank James for being a wonderful companion on Wednesday, and for taking me somewhere special. As I say, more details soon! You are a wonderful guy, it was a pleasure to meet you again, and look forward to a repeat in about 18 months time, for a bit of a longer stay.

And alright, thanks to both New England, and New York State for providing me with such wonderful places to visit.

No, I’m not going to do a blubbering Kate Winslet performance at this point, just provide the music video. I have used it before, but its just too apt not to use now.

2 thoughts on “The thank you speech”

  1. It was a joy to see you, Kate, and I am already thinking about what we might do in 2014. There is a state with Green Mountains that we could wander into, along with a few nice galleries and other spots. Maybe even a train trip down to the big city. We will see . . .


  2. Yes, lets wait and see, its a little while off. But definitely something I’m really looking forward to. All your ideas sound good to me


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