Changing the female form

No, I’m not talking about the fictional (well, I assume it is) process of turning a girl into a bimbo, with inflated boobs, and deflated intelligence. I’m talking about something practical, which definitely changes the female form, tends to push the cleavage upwards and outwards, but as far as I know, has no effect on intelligence levels. Well, not unless it stops the blood getting through to the brain, and then all bets are off, lol! Yes, the corset, thats what I’m talking about here lol. What else did you think I was talking about, a silver robot suit maybe?

Over at the MC Garden, we have a section dedicate to picture threads, one of the more recent ones is one dedicated to the wearing of corsets, by ladies I might add, though I know some men wear them too. And yes, this blog arose because of a few recent posts on said thread.

Before I go further, let me say that some women, for reasons best known to themselves, take this matter far too far! Corseted 18″ waists arent natural, they arent comfortable, and must surely do some internal damage to the organs. No, I’m talking about using it to take a more sensible number of inches off the waist, for enhancement of the figure, either for looks, or to appeal to men. Me, I own one corset, though I havent worn it in quite a while, far too much hassle trying to tie yourself up in one, believe me, especially around the back, when your joints are less than flexible. It was designed to aid with my solo lifestyle, but even so…plus I rarely have time to do much with it, my life tends to be too busy, and chaotic to worry about putting a corset on, under everything else.

I’ll be honest, the reason I got one in the first place was a cosmetic one, to cut a more feminine figure.  Yes, my waist isnt as ‘slim’ as it should be for my figure, as those who have seen the pictures would know. So yes, a ‘squeeze’ from a corset gives me just that little bit more of an hourglass figure, or did when I used to wear it lol! No idea why, it wasnt like I was trying to attract men after all, but anyway…The thing that surprised me was that it wasnt that uncomfortable being squashed in, well not for the few inches I was trying for, anyway. Mind, I was never wearing it all day or anything lol! Whether I’d feel the same way now, after all this time is another matter, of course?

Now I’ve got someone wanting me to take it to the US with me, where Kate can tighten it up for me. Hmm, snag is, for wearing it out, it might end up being a long day lol! And its not exactly something you can remove in moments lol! And is it worth it, its not like I will be wearing figure hugging dresses over there, where it might be a benefit, but most likely tops and trousers? I’ll go by popular vote lol! 😛

Anyway, the video, a tribute to that figure enhancer, the corset.

2 thoughts on “Changing the female form”

  1. Not sure who wants you to bring it along, or whether you will be encountering that person. But I say: why not? We might just be able to find you a dress . . . ::)


  2. As far as I know, no, I wont be meeting that person, its Legion. But knowing Kate, nothing would totally surprise me lol!
    As for the dress, well, I could always bring my own along, but now you have me wondering what you’d like to see me in. I suspect the corset is a bit buried, I havent worn it in a long while. But assuming I can find it tomorrow when packing, and I have space, I will probably pack it now.


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