Its that time of year again, NFL

When all NFL teams technically start out equal, in result terms at least, for a few days more. Yes, the season starts Wednesday, a day earlier than normal due to the speech by Obama at the Democratic Convention. No, I’m not going into politics at this point, dont worry about that lol! A classic rivalry between (as in now traditional) the Superbowl holders, NY Giants, against the Cowboys. For those interested, the Bills start against the other NY team on Sunday!

Some things will remain the same, the strong teams, the bad teams, but a few will leap frog from one group to the other, it happens every year. Could this be the year that the Bills jump back into the play off group, well, just maybe? Though seriously, only as a wild card team, I still cant see anyone but the Patriots winning that division all the same. I know, the Bills havent won pre season, but check back to the glory days, we didnt win many pre season back then either lol! No, we arent going to the Superbowl 4 years running with the current team, but plays offs, just maybe? Fitzpatrick might be OK, but Jim Kelly he isnt, for starters!

So, who to watch out for? If you can call a team that reached the play offs last year a dark horse, it has to be Houston. If you cant, Seattle or Kansas maybe? But in all honesty, its hard to work out who the new play off teams will be, beyond the fact that you could easily pick any of 3 for the NFC East.

To fall. Well as said above, the Giants might be the best, but its a real dogfight in that division, and they could easily miss out. And though Peyton Manning might prove me wrong, I’m not convinced, and in an ‘awful’ division, a team or two could well go past Denver, and only 1 is getting out of that group, thats for sure. Pittsburgh might just be getting old too?

Next years top draft pick, and therefore bottom of the pile. Minnesota or Cleveland. Not because they are necessarily the worst in the league, but just because Indy and St Louis are in softer groups. It is possible it might be Miami though, that wouldnt totally shock me.

Oh, and please, dont remind of these predictions in December, OK?

The video, couldnt think of anything really relevant, and wouldnt want to inflict the awful “Lets get ready to rumble” on anyone. But it could be said the season is doing this, so…Not the original, a more recent stripped down version


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