One of us reviews

Its just one of those things that I never realised fascinated so many people. What, you’re asking, my review marking scheme for the EMCSA updates, thats what.

I came home late last night, after a long shift, and a further delay due to the train running late (shock horror, I know) to find that someone at the MC Forum had tried to crack the method I use to rate stories on an enjoyment level. Funny thing was, he’d got it totally wrong! Maybe it was a man thing, but he’d assumed my ratings related to the sex factor of the story, when in fact, thats the last thing that would ever appeal in a story to me.

Strangely enough, at 11.30 last night, beyond telling them how hopelessly wrong he was, I left it at that, with a promise that this morning, I’d give them some idea as to how its done. Snag is, its not an exact science rating stories, and as has been shown recently, when a story was revised a few years on from the original, I gave it different grades! Maybe the revised one was better, but I suspect its more likely it was just my mood when I read it. I’m not really a robot lol, after all!

What really got me though, was just how popular the thread was, both before I posted, and answered, are authors really that dependent on my remarks? I’m only one reader after all, so…I guess that I am the one who posts most reviews though! But I’d hate to think that all authors would just write to pander to my tastes, all the same. But OK, its nice to know they are appreciated so much all the same.

The video, well, I almost decided not to bother, as I couldnt think of anything suitable, and then I came up with this very tenuous one

2 thoughts on “One of us reviews”

  1. You are only one reader, but one reader who posts consistently and reviews every story. That earns you a lot of well-deserved respect.

    However, that crack about thinking with one’s gentitalia being a man thing . . . 😛


  2. I know, I know…. Thankfully there arent many like that! Though CW would love a few more, so he could see my comments lol!


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