Red Theme

No, not my clothing, or anything else, its a comment on the EMCSA for once. A few weeks back, on the MC Forum, the idea was tossed up for having a red themed story this week. Now for those who dont know, Simon has a colour coding scheme for the stories, and red is the colour used for the ff stories. For the innocent ones, that means girl on girl sex, with not a man in sight!

Dont get me wrong, it sounded a great idea, until for me at least, Simon decided to take a week off, the week beforehand. Which means, as you know, this update was a large one, to put it mildly. Luckily, I had 3 days to get through it, though I did have other appointments to fit in as well, which is why I havent quite made it. Still 35 down, just 5 to go isnt a total disaster all the same. Given my shifts, I should make it anyway by Friday, all things permitting, nothing left is ‘that’ long. But please Simon, no breaks for a while, though the week of my holiday in September might be a handy one!

What must be said, is that one or two new writers have come out of this experiment, and they’ve been good too. There is one who appeared a few weeks ago that is even better, but, I’d hate to inflate his ego too much lol! But just in case he reads this, Big Daddy Five, I do mean you!

The video, and no, I’m not going hunting for some lesbian porn, credit me with taste lol. So it came down to two songs, the selected one, and a Billy Ocean song. But yes, bias set in, so I picked this very early offering from a group you might have seen here before.


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