(All) Star

Seriously, we’re halfway through the baseball season already? Hard to believe, though less surprised to see the Seattle Mariners at the bottom of their division somehow. There have been surprises, Pittsburgh on the plus side, Philly on the minus, to name just 2. But hey, there is still a long way to go, swings and roundabouts and all that, though I’m not expecting the Mariners to improve dramatically all the same.

Its quite possible that this will be the first year for many that I wont get to an MLB game live, thanks to the wonders of American Airlines earlier this year. Just unlucky that Seattle only had 1 home game the week I was there, and it was the Sunday, and started about an hour or so after I landed (finally) at Seatac Airport, in an event to be forgotten. Fortunately I’ve seen plenty on TV, thanks to ESPN America, as in fact I’m doing as I type this. The game, Pirates seemingly romping to victory over the Giants.

But yes, alright, thats not why I’m doing this baseball based posting, OK? Nope, its because its the All Star Game on Tuesday, and its in Kansas! Alright, so despite that, its not in the state of Kansas, but hey, its as close as its going to get! And no, I wont see that live, because it will be the early hours of Wednesday morning my time, and someone is on an early shift that day!

No, I’m not saying a word about salaries they earn, other than to say its a lot more than me lol! They sound crazy, they are crazy, but anyway…Just wish I could earn in a lifetime what the stars earn in one season!

Oh, but more important to me, and a bit closer to home now. Ireland start a 4 day game against Afghanistan at cricket tomorrow, and I will be following that closely. Fingers crossed we can win, despite being shorn of most of our biggest stars due to county cricket commitments. Will I be wearing green at some point over the next 4 days, just maybe? 😉

Video, I suspect this song will be new to most of my readers, but its a real blast from my past. A hit for a Yorkshire ‘lass’ named Kiki Dee (no, not her real name!) back in the early 80’s that just seems so apt.


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