Independence Day

No, not the movie, just something I’m told that is celebrated on this day in the US. And yes, that comment is very tongue in cheek, just in case anyone was in any doubt about that. I just want to take this chance to wish all my American readers a wonderful 4th of July, whats left of it at least by now.

I admit it, its one day especially in the year when I wonder what might have been if my ancestors had sailed across the Atlantic, instead of the Irish Sea just over 100 years ago. Who knows, I might be celebrating today as well in all likelihood, just a matter of where? Kansas maybe? I doubt it, but makes for a fun thought all the same.

I know, didnt happen, maybe one day I will go over there again for more than a week, maybe a lot more, but as I’ve never been the luckiest person in the world, I wont hold my breath on that now, especially as age is beginning to count against me for working abroad etc at this point. But I can still dream at least…

No, I’ve never been there for either ‘today’ or Thanksgiving up to now, though I know one wonderful man who would love me to do so. But for me, both seem to be family events, and I’d hate to feel like I was butting into that. Also, holiday times makes July tricky while working, and November is not the best holiday weather of the year lol! But maybe one day soon…

Having already used the Star Spangled Banner as a music piece on this blog, lets go for the other obvious one, on this special day of the year. Maybe one day I can get to see the celebrations, either as a visitor, or dare I say it, as a resident. Hey, I’m entitled to dream…

Thanks America, for some great holidays in the past, and more to come, one very soon


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