Brainwashing helmets

Yes, I had a weird dream last night, or should I say this morning, given it was after I first woke up, about 6, and then went back to sleep again. The thing is, it was playing to my perversions. Well, the robot/brainwashing ones at least, though I guess the helmet could have transformed my mind into that of a twenties flapper, but I doubt that was the plan lol!

Dont ask me how I got there, I woke up (in the dream) laid out on a bed, with a helmet/cap (skintight, I should think) over my head. Basically I was told that this device was capable of disrupting brain thought processes, making me incapable of thinking for myself. It could then implant thoughts into my mind, and I would think they were my own. No, he didnt actually say he was turning me into a robot, but suspect the control levels would have been that level of intensity anyway.

Now, lets face it, at this point in time, most would scream, and try to escape, but I didnt. Has to be said, the look on his face suggested I”d confused him by that reaction as well. I didnt actually tell him to get on with it, but…you get my drift.

Annoying thing was, just as he was switching everything on, and was about to start the process, I woke up, aargh! And though I rolled over, and went back to sleep, I couldnt get into that dream, or indeed real sleep again. That might have been down to my arousal levels increasing dramatically, a very rare thing nowadays, but anyway…

Where that dream came from, no idea? I havent really thought along that route much in quite a while now. And as far as I know, devices capable of blocking human thought processes dont actually exist. Well, alright, I know some say that ECT would have much the same effect, but thats for moments, not a long term thing, as he seemed to be suggesting this helmet/cap thing would do to me. What I couldnt understand was why he was doing it to me, not some pretty young girl, but anyway…

Only shame was that I woke up before the process began! I know, it wouldnt have been for real, but…would have been interesting to know what it felt like at least. For someone with a robot fetish as big as mine, you’d think this might be a regular occurence in my dreams, but you’d be wrong, this was just the second time I’ve had a dream like this. Many, many years ago now, I had a dream where I was about to be turned into a robot, the electricity had just begun pulsing through me, and the alarm clock went off! Now that was annoying lol!

Its not something I deny, that I’d love one day to play out a really intense robotisation, or brainwashing scene, but I guess as I get older, its less and less likely to happen. Mind, I could jokingly say that my back, and knees are heading towards the perfect amount of stiffness for a robot anyway! I’ve had one or two vague promises to do the idea (one mentioned on this blog a while back), but they came to nothing in the end. I still hope that one day it might, but beginning to doubt it now.

Ah, the video clip. I have no idea what film this is from, who the actors are, or anything, but suspect its pretty dated, its black and white after all. Sadly the sound only kicks in halfway through the clip, so I have no idea what he is saying to her. And to a certain degree, it ends just when it gets interesting. The brainwashing helmet looks basic, but still, I wouldnt mind giving it a try. I suspect something far more exciting could be designed anyway.

Any mad scientists out there want to give the idea a try? They wouldnt need to look far for a ‘victim’ thats for sure!



12 thoughts on “Brainwashing helmets”

  1. Glad if I can inspire. Especially love the ones combining the silver suit with the space helmet. Nowadays, looking more for a real life scene play, than just getting something for myself.


  2. Fascinating.

    I’ve written a couple of stories that include a mind control helmets and was wandering over the web in the hope of discovering some titbit I can add to my stories when I am directed back to this blog. Back to an ancient post no less.

    I wonder f you’ll be notified of this? I assume so. If not, I’m wasting my time. Unless you come across this post in ten years or so. That would be interesting.

    Anyway, the story is Three Fingers so if you’re persistent you’ll come across it in a few weeks. It’s actually in two stories, the other one being a Companion Volume. Both should be posted at the same time, if all goes to plan.

    Anyway, I wonder if you ever found such a device? You’ve had enough time now, haven’t you? If you could let me have some details I would be grateful. There is still time to modify my stories.

    What was the power source in your dream helmet? I can’t seem to work that one out.



    1. Yes, I get notified every time a comment is made on the blog, so I found it quite quickly lol! I will look forward to your stories, when I get to see them, as always.

      No, sadly, I’ve never found such a device, great shame. Mind, if I had, I might not be answering this, so…? 😉

      Power source in my dream helmet, a nice jolt of electricity, of course! 😀


      1. “Power source in my dream helmet, a nice jolt of electricity, of course”

        A bit more detail would be appreciated. What voltage? What current? Power? Where did the electricity come from? My stories are from the real world and these details are important.


  3. Well, considering they use 400 volts for ECT, and that only brings about short term memory loss (if at all), its needs to be more than that, so lets say 1000 volts, and see how that works out. Alternating current, generator, I would think. Needs to be a helmet that encloses the head fully, I feel.
    From real world, I only wish they were, err, Mistress! 😉


  4. What?

    You think I’m your mistress? Have you read HB5211’s recent stories?

    But, come to think on’t, I do need the house going over. All my Christmas guests have now left and the house is a mess. I’m due to tackle that one today. But I don’t want to. Then there’s the weekly upkeep, I don’t like that either. And come spring, there’s the garden. That cuts deep into my me-time. And it would be great if I could get help with my orgasms as well. Not having to move my arms would make that activity so much more pleasurable don’t you think?

    I need a bit of painting doing as well.

    And I do like to eat properly and cook most of my meals from scratch. Now I wouldn’t have to do that. And foot massages?

    And money. We could set up a tithing system, say 10% of gross for starters and see where we go? Then there’s the tributes and surprise presents as well. I’ll have to set up a wish list though. That’s a bother, but maybe I can do it just for you?

    You know? You’ve convinced me. I accept. You live in commuting distance from me so that’s no problem and I don’t have to arrange for overnight stays. I see no problems whatsoever.

    As for the helmet, well you’re talking about a full connected system. I already have those in my story. This one is a portable unit that causes a problem for a certain person. She has a name now, but that may change so I’ll let you guess. Specifically, it is obviously restricted in its operation range and I’m trying to understand exactly what it can do and what it can’t.


    1. Yes, I have read those stories lol, as you know! The Mistress comment might have been tongue in cheek, you know? 😉 No, if you’re brainwashing me that dramatically, it will be full time life as a slave, probably a robot type one!


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