They think its all over…it is now!

Yes, finally, very finally, the latest story is complete. Its ‘only’ been 3 months since I wrote chapter 4, but at long last, chapter 5 has appeared, and thats definitely it. I could say I’d write more, I’ve certainly left it open enough that it could happen, but I’m pretty sure it wont, at least while I’m in my current job, which is all I’ve got, so…

Its funny how things work out, the original idea I had for chapter 5 of ‘Never A Wise Move’ got thrown out a long time ago, at least 2 months back. I couldnt get the idea to work out, so when I finally came up with a (hopefully) better one, I decided to run with that instead. Snag was, finding time to write it up, and yes, today really was the first chance I’ve had to do that. Well unless you count when I was on holiday, and I think someone might have killed me if I’d spent my holiday doing that lol!

Said person actually appears in chapter 5 btw, my beloved editor, without whom, my stories would probably be more of a mess. Funny thing is, its different. Different even to how I saw it all playing out, but I’ve always been one to let my muse have her head, maybe MIB3 has secretly influenced me in some way lol? Not that I’ve seen the movie, just trailers, and posters, but…

But to be honest, its not only the story that is all over, I think its the end of major story writing efforts while in my current job. Time to myself is just so limited nowadays, that if I didnt write it today, I have absolutely no idea when it might have happened. And now, because I’ve forced myself to sit down and write this afternoon and evening (short gap for chiropodist visit, and dinner), my head is buzzing no end. Dont get me wrong, putting down the words was fun, but the recoil afterwards, when you finally stop, isnt.

I know, I’ve said it before, but this time I’m sure I mean it. Thats all folks, until by whatever means, I have more time to write again. Ironic isnt it, there was a time when I had time to write, and didnt want to. Now I’ve started to enjoy it again, I’ve got no time! But I’m glad I was finally able to tie things up with this story, it was so much fun writing it.

For those of you who are members of the Garden, it will be up very shortly, within the next hour. For others, it will be up on EMCSA in the next update, all things permitting, 9th June. I know, it will be a heavy update, and might get missed, but I’ll take my chance. To be honest, beyond Garden folk, its got hardly any feedback anyway, far too in-house I suspect, for those who dont know the people.

Well, there are no crowds on the pitch that I can see, but I think the writing is all over, and it is now. Enjoy…


3 thoughts on “They think its all over…it is now!”

  1. Will need to exert very subtle mind control then.

    Just kidding of course.

    I intend to be totally unsubtle in my nudging. 😉

    looking forward to reading it, and more when you’re ready to write more. 🙂


  2. Might be too late, but I just found a site with a LOT of downloadable mp3s of the 20s and even earlier. Keywords like Jazz o blues yield lots of cool things 🙂

    Link brings you to a large Al Jolson cache, but there are lots of other things to discover there if one wants to immerse themselves in the era without having to break the bank (all apparently public domain and therefore legal to download).



  3. I’ll discover that when I have time, at a decent hour, hopefully Tuesday. The version of the chapter, cleaned up by our mutual, wonderful editor should be up next weekend with luck.
    Oh, and come on, wheres the fun in making the mind control subtle lol? 😉


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