Its that time of year

Yes, its that time of year (well, one of them at least) when the Master of the EMCSA disappears from view for a few weeks, presumably to go on holiday, though it might just be to top up his collection of mind controlled slaves lol! What this means, is that we actually get a break between updates, not the regular weekly basis. In fact, the next one is 3 weeks away, the weekend of June 8.

Good news, bad news for me. Good news, I can get on and do other things, more on that shortly. Bad news, the first couple of updates when he gets back are usually large, a nightmare for people like me who try to review as many stories as possible. I know, some would say, just read the authors, and stories you know, but I know what will happen, I’ll miss a new writing gem that way, so…I know, I’m silly, but I try all the same.

Ah, the good news, well even if I’m not going to try and blast through everything in 1 week under these circumstances (this weeks update is slightly larger than most of late), but even so, 3 days reading (normally I get 2) will see me through. All of which means, with a bit of luck, I should get time to do other things in the interval. And much though I probably will do a bit of studying up on hotels and the like for next year, that wont take that long in all honesty.

What it will enable me to do, is get back to writing my latest story, which in theory at least, only has 1 chapter to go. Snag is, its had one chapter to go now for about 3 months! And before anyone says the last chapter was posted only in March, as my editor will back me up, it was written well before then! In all honesty, I was struggling to get Chapter 5 right in my head, I had an idea all planned out, and then took a dislike to it. So much so, that when I did have a 2 hour writing opening, I couldnt get it done. Shortly after that I had a massive rethink, worked out a plan that I do like, but since then, havent had the chance to commit a word to the laptop. Now, in the next 2 weeks, I should get the opportunity to put that right.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering what I’m talking about, this is the story

Some might note the setting for the first few chapters, and spot the Louise Brooks connection, absolutely right. And no, I’ve never been to Cherryvale in my life, Google (especially maps) and local websites have helped a lot in that sense. I would love to visit, but given its a public transport black hole, its hard to see it happening. The thing is, the next (and probably final) chapter is being set somewhere else, albeit another place with a well known Brooksie connection, and one I will get to visit next April, God willing. Where, oh, Rochester, NY if you really want to know. And another LB landmark is the target for September next year, that being Wichita, but have no plans to feature that in the story.

I have been to Rochester before, but given it was nearly 25 years ago, I dont remember much about it. In fact, in all honesty, the only thing I remember is us going down to the lake, and looking out over it for a few hours, and thats it. This time I plan to discover a lot more about it in a week, and pay tribute at a certain special graveside as well. But thats all nearly a year off, and the story will be finished long before then lol!

So in one sense, thanks to Simon, for the writing gap. In the other sense, aargh for all the reading I will have when he gets back. Should he be one of my readers, have a great break, but I doubt he is somehow.

The song in the video is one I’ve used before, but the version is a different, live one. Guess where the venue might be, and its not Cherryvale lol!


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