Until the next time, signing off from the US

Mind, thats not as dramatic as it sounds, all things permitting, that next time will be in September, though a long way east from here! Tomorrow morning is a fine example of why I hate travelling home from the West Coast, the flight leaves Seattle at 8.35 am, so you can imagine the time I have to be up, etc… Mind, apart from packing, and a quick round up, I’m ready to go now.

Its been a lovely trip, seen again a few old sights, seen a few new ones too, and indeed the Amtrak station in the midst of a much needed makeover. One really good point, it wasnt work, I needed the break! I’m not saying I’m ready, or willing to go back there, but all the same… I did see some really nice looking apartments en route to Seattle from the light rail, but was good, and didnt make an appointment to look at them, in case the temptation was too great.

I’m not looking forward to the flight back for several reasons, though they say lightning doesnt strike twice in the same place lol! Unfortunately the knee has stiffened up again, and I know that a pair of long flights (even with decent leg space) arent going to do it any favours! Its my own fault, I’ve done too much walking lol! But all matters, its not hard to see why this will be my last West Coast trip for a while, its just too much for the body, at my age. I know, but all these injuries I’ve had dont enjoy long distance travel.

So thats it, until September at least. I know roughly where I’m going then, though I’m sure Kate will happily keep most details top secret until much nearer the time, or later lol! And there I will stop, need to start packing, then one last round up, then bed. Need to be up by about 5 in the morning (10 pm now), so…

See you all, God willing, back in England very soon.

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