Take me out to the ballpark

Hard to believe its come around already, but the season starts tomorrow. Alright, only for 2 teams, and all a long way from the good old US, but… it includes my team. Yes, the Mariners will play 2 games in Tokyo, starting tomorrow against the A’s. Doesnt seem that long ago that St Louis were winning the World Series, but anyway…a lot has changed since then, but dont expect the details of that from me. You either know it, or you can go to www.mlb.com to find out anyway lol.

The daft thing is, these 2 teams come back and play pre season games again after this! Ah well, money and commercialism is a wonderful thing? I guess its so they can adjust back to the correct time zone mainly?

No, I’m not going to try and forecast things, thats not my style. But I think its safe to say that I wont be sat nervously wondering if the Mariners are going to make the play offs in September all the same, it wont be happening. I will, for the first time, see the Mariners play this year, the game against the White Sox on April 22 being the one, hope they can win that at least. Back to the cheaper seating areas after Fenway, it has to be said, not that I really mind, but that was fun admittedly. But no, I’ll keep my budget funded for other matters lol!

I could also mention that the cricket season is about to start over here, but as I suspect most of my readers here are from North America, I’m sure that detail will be lost on most. My own blog, where I have more English readers, then yes, probably nearer the time.

So yes, next month I will be taking someone out to the ballpark, me!

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