Somebody to love?

No, I’m not, despite a ‘certain person’ making a pass at Heather in my latest story, but thats pure fiction I hasten to add, for several reasons, but yes, it was great fun to write that all  the same. But it seemed to make for a rather suitable blog at present, given the date tomorrow at least! Personally I think I’d make a lousy person to love nowadays, far too independent for all that, and definitely not interested in sex, and most seem to think they do go together.  I suppose there might be someone out there with as total a lack of interest in sex as me, but then, they probably would have more sense than to fancy me anyway!

Yes, check the calendar if you were wondering why I’m posting this lol! Valentines card, what is one of those? Yes, it really has been that long, dont think I’ve had one so far this century, and not really expecting that to change. I suppose I should have, and probably have got beyond the point of really worrying about it, other than the fact that most of the shops, and a good proportion of emails I’m getting at present do relate to said day. I  suppose the only consolation is, if you arent expecting anything, you shouldnt be that disappointed when nothing arrives, should you?

Thats not to say that I’m immune to offers of chocolate, dinner, pampering, or anything like that, its just that I dont really want any commitment to a relationship  any more, just occasional company, maybe. I know, James tells me there might still be someone out there for me, but I think they might be running out of time before this ‘old biddy’ seizes up completely!

To all those in love, married or living together as a couple, have a lovely day tomorrow. But do me a favour, please at least think of us singletons for whom tomorrow is just another day. And if someone wants to surprise me in my email box in the morning, then thanks, I’ll try to remember what a Valentines card looks like!

The music, please say you’ve worked it out from the title. And yes, I am a bit of a Queen fan, so…

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