A New Me

No, dont worry, nothing dramatic, but I hope by now that a few have noticed the new name at the Garden. Its fun, and probably works better for me nowadays than the old one in all honesty.

Today, that new me took her first chance to do some writing of her own. There are some (including myself) that would suspect the previous one was, but that was argumental, the method was technological, and it was male dominant, both classical RU8 traits, even if the storyline was clearly something very new, and for obvious reasons, might have had a Brooks factor to it.

What I’ve done today though is to write an fd story that is clearly Ms Merry Brooks, and not RU8 in the slightest. And yes, it was fun to do. Yes, it was inspired by MCGuy, and his antics over at the Garden the last couple of days, but Merry loved writing every word of it, to be honest. I hope someone doesnt mind too much, all the same, as it might be fun posting that to the Archive. I might even get to write more fd stuff if its well received, something I never thought I’d do. Just proves you can teach an old dog, new tricks lol!

My inclination is to post it in my new name, and see what reaction it gets that way. There are a couple of reasons for that in all honesty. Its nothing like an RU8 story in its nature, even if I am a bit more femme domme naturally nowadays than I used to be. The other (though maybe thats negated by Garden knowledge of the author) is to see what reaction a new writer gets on the reviews, its been a long time since that happened for me.

Lets see, the story is set in Cherryvale, Kansas, so lets relate the video to a famous citizen of that town. Now, who could that be…whistles innocently…oh, I know!


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