I believe in Father Christmas

I’ve been lazy tonight, both blogs have got the same title, the same song, though different versions, and neither the original Greg lake one, though this is obviously close to it!

Back in the dim, distant past of the 1970’s, something called prog rock developed, mainly a number of groups turning out albums full of tracks that lasted ‘forever’, and about 6 tracks (or less) would fill an album lasting 45 minutes or so. Genesis are probably the most famous of those in the sense they turned to pop after Gabriel’s departure, and popular acclaim came their way. Others, like Yes, and indeed ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer in full) never seemed to worry about such matters.

And then in 1975, Greg Lake came up with a Christmas hit, shock horror! Not your typical schmaltzy, sweet as saccharin record though, his had far more of a jaded, and cynical touch to it, and thats probably why I loved it. The original video (which I’m sure you can find) hints at the horrors of the Vietnam War, which was still very much in the news back then. It wasnt a massive hit in the way many others were, I’m sure the nature of it put some off buying it. It wasnt sweetness and light, it was more real life than that. And also clearly, shock horror, he didnt really believe in Father Christmas!

Equally, in typical ELP fashion, a few months later, totally out of season, the group did their own version of the song, and thats what you’re getting tonight. Apart from the end, the versions are fairly similar to be honest. To be honest, prog rock never was my scene, but this great Greg Lake song certainly was, hope you enjoy.


Apologies for the lyrics thing in advance

2 thoughts on “I believe in Father Christmas”

  1. Funny thing is that they play this song every Christmas at the grocery store where I shop. I often have the feeling that they don’t exactly listen closely to lyrics when they select things. It isn’t that I mind, really. I’d much rather hear a cynical rock song than just another version of “This Chrismas will be, a very special Christams, for me”….. It takes me about an hour to shop and I swear I’ve heard that thing six times before I leave, albeit by different artists, but still…. get a bigger playlist people! 🙂

    Actually liked Yes and Alan Parsons Project before their albums started to feature obvious “singles” rather than being built on a concept. Tales from Topographical Oceans with its four 20+ minute songs… love that. 🙂

    Genesis had good things after Peter Gabriel left, if you edit out things like Illegal Alien which become like nails on a chalkboard, or a Madonna tune (pick almost any 😉 ) after a listen or two.


  2. You and Madonna, just makes me laugh. Next you will be telling me you dont send Christmas Cards to each other lol!
    But agreed, apart from a couple of early outings (True Blue, La Isla Bonita), I cant say there would be anything much on any play list for me either. Borderline maybe, but thats even older!

    I’d never ever forgive her for ruining American Pie, that is so for sure!


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