Seeking out fond memories

And yes, not only is the title of this piece a corny wordplay on the group in the videos, this blog only really came about through what I term a You Tube hunt.

Alright, the least fond memory, 3 months ago, about this time, I was getting crazy ideas that the Bills might well be play offs bound, given the way their season had started. Sadly the wheels did finally come off the rails halfway through the season, and this Sunday was the day they were eliminated of having any chance of doing so. I know, they beat the Patriots (sorry Kate), but suspect the rematch isnt going to be so pretty on current form lol.

So yes, having pounded through some reading, I thought I’d hit You Tube for a while, and amongst things. I found 2 songs from a group of my youth. Yes, the videos are black and white, though one of them is from 2002! Both are covers of songs from the 60’s by the way.

The first is a Bee Gees song, though not the era most remember them from. I dont actually remember the lights going down any night while I was there, but I suspect they did, it was just that I was asleep by then.  I had a lovely time in Massachusetts, got to meet 2 lovely people there (well more than 2, but 2 principally come to mind) and this song let me look back on that. This is a 2002 video apparently, you can tell by the age of the group, because the black and white film wouldnt give it away otherwise lol.

Ironically the older song has some colour images mixed into the film! Island of dreams might rank as a fanciful title for ‘The Cape’, but it certainly seemed a lovely place on my first visit. Planning to have a few more ‘dreams’ there next September too, really looking forward to that. There is Seatlle inbetween, which I’m looking forward to going back to, just hoping the long plane journey isnt too much for my aging limbs, thats all.

The really frightening thing is, I  do 95% know what area I’m going to in April 2013, somewhere in Northern NY state, just the final destination to be decided even now. You could say its a B.A.R choice! 😉 Think it will be the B, but dont quote me on that!

4 thoughts on “Seeking out fond memories”

  1. Well I did wonder that, to be honest. R has a couple of attractions of interest to me (1 very obvious one), and I suspect combined with at least one trip there, that B may just about have enough. A has one wonderful person (or is that 2? 😉 ) but is a bit further away from the rest for visiting purposes.

    Still, its nearly a year before I need to make a decision at least, but its certainly that area thats favoured even now, with Chicago as only other possible contender.

    Reason for it being April, rather than Autumn is that ESTA is for 2 years, and will run out in June that year, so it sort of makes sense to do it that way around


  2. Sweet! You are going fishing on Lake Ontario, near Watertown! Very nice salmon fishing, see Cpt Bill for a charter out of Henderson Harbor.


  3. A bit off my planned route, especially as I have to rely on public transport, oh Fzy one. Not that I’ve ever been fishing before anyway lol!

    Lets say the 3 options I have planned are on the I-90 corridor 😉

    Also, all this is 16 months away at present, a lot can happen before then!


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