An interesting development

Its still in early discussion, but I might yet get to experience what its like to be turned into a robot! But given this possibility has fallen through befoire, I’m not going to hold my breath for it.

No, not for real, obviously, as far as I know, that cant be done at present, nor can I be brainwashed/mind controlled truly in any way, well other than maybe what you experience from hypnosis, and I am told I am quite receptive to such things on a one to one basis. Its funny that no other style of hypnosis seems to work on me though lol!

Earlier this year, in reply to a comment posted on a forum (no, not either of the MC ones), I received a message from someone saying that she was keen to do a roleplay scene with me, concerning transforming me into a robot. And remember, she contacted me, not the other way around. We discussed details, sort of planned it as much as I would want to plan it (I want it to feel real after all, so no point having an entire script in my hands) and made arrangements to fix a date for it all. Then, she got evasive, was always busy when I was free etc, so I lost patience. A couple of weeks back I noticed she had deleted her account. Ah well…

Thing is, I got tipped off about another lady, more local to me who might be interested in such an idea, so I wrote to her, asking if she might be. It seems she is! This might all fall through as well, but she sounds far more professional about it all, so fingers are crossed. I know, I’m not really going to change, and at the end of the day, I will still walk out human. But if, while its happening, I really feel like I’m being turned into a robot, now wouldnt that really be something?

Fingers are crossed at least.

Dont think it will be like this, but I can only hope…


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