A robot’s music

I guess its fair to say that if you think of pop music, and robots, then Kraftwerk tend to come to mind. Not just because of the record ‘We are the robots’, though that would probably play a major part in it! But I think its fair to say the whole group image is built around the robot look, and to some degree, sound, as they have used a vocoder on more than a few vocals!

To some degree, I have to be very grateful to them, without doubt they are the inspiration for OMD, Ultravox, and many other synth based groups I loved listening to when I was younger. Reputedly they are a ‘bit strange’ to say the least. All sorts of tales exist of contact with them being extremely tricky, and as for doing interviews or anything…they like to keep their secrets, so it seems, possibly one of them being whether they are still human or not lol!

Enough changes of musicians in the group suggest they are, but… 😉

I’ve picked a song that isnt strictly about robots, though the image they give over of themselves in the video suggests that just maybe…but suspect this video might appeal to more, given all the women in it too. And no, I’m not amongst them lol!


4 thoughts on “A robot’s music”

  1. Yes, I can see why the band brings robots to mind . . . and models, well, they could be automatons in their own right, couldn’t they?


  2. Quite possibly lol. Some of them probably date from the years when woimen werent meant to think, or talk, just do as their husbands told them anyway! 😉


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